This VOKEN Economics document outlines VOKEN pricing, supply allocation, and lockup schedules.

Use it, invest it, not hype it

This is also our blockchain technology application value philosophy.

We are building an increasingly mature system, in which VOKEN – Unique token in the Vision Network ecosystem will be the only measure of value and means of payment in such a sustainable and healthy environment. It is clear that the basic design of 1 Voken = 1,000 GB after ecological maturity will ensure that the price of Voken is not destined to deviate too much from the anchoring of its actual use value. We expect users with real demands to buy Voken and use it for appropriate network services. Of course, the value logic of Voken is so clear that proper investment maybe also a good choice.

Resource Anchored

1 VokenTB ~ 1,000 GB general traffic

Total Supply: 210 Million

This is final - total supply is not subject to change.


The project vision network is building one of the next-generation infrastructures of the Internet. As the digital world’s blood in this globalized ecosystem, VokenTB is a necessary resource and used by more and more people.

As the ecology matures, the total supply of 210 million will become scarce.

Designed for value-driven dApps

Most of the blockchain projects we’ve seen already are only accounting. Meanwhile, the vision network really matches supply and demand in the ecosystem that providing real services, starting with proxy service.

We believe that vision network will be UNIQUE and completely different from other blockchain projects that only care about accounting.

Dynamic anchoring allowed


Even when there are only proxy providers/consumers in the service market.

The benefit of the scarcity design is that as the ecology matures, it becomes clear that the amount of VOKENs in circulation is not enough to meet the huge market demand and the price rises.

At this point, some service providers will raise anchoring in order to keep their prices competitive to attract more users to choose them.

We anticipate that the anchored resources will be several times more than 1,000 GB when the market reaches a dynamic equilibrium.


Transfer with burning & Trade without burning

Transfer with burning: 1.0% - 3.0%

Only on Ethereum blockchain, after fundraising and before migration to vnCHAIN main net.

Trade without burning

UniSwap (DEX) is the only recommended trading route, without burning, neither buying nor selling, anyone.

  • Avoid the impact of CEX. No fake tokens any more.

  • Avoid the impact of malicious speculators.

  • Avoid malicious price manipulation by a few people through matched orders.

  • Avoid malicious over-price or under-price OTC trading.

  • Plentiful liquidity for buyers and sellers at DEX (everyone can join).


Team Foundation: 10%

Locked then released in tranches to demonstrate long-term commitment.

Vested over 9 years

  • 1/60 released monthly, from 2025-01-01 to 2029-12-31 (UTC+0)

Advisors: 2%

Reserved for the vision network advisory board.

These tokens are vested over 9 years in demonstrating long-term commitment.

  • 1/84 released monthly, from 2023-01-01 to 2029-12-31 (UTC+0)

Angel Investors: 10%

These tokens are vested over 7 years in demonstrating long-term commitment.

  • 1/60 released monthly, from 2023-01-01 to 2027-12-31 (UTC+0)

Private: <10%

Upgrading from the deprecated tokens (100 GB version).

Vested with the Public-Sale (coming soon).

  • 10% released according to the process of public-sale

  • 90%/1080 released daily after Public-Sale finished

Early-Bird: 5%

Early bird has more advantages compared to the Public-Sale (coming soon). So most of the positions will be released in parallel with the users of the Public-Sale.

  • 10% released instantly

  • 90% released according the process of the Public-Sale

Public-Sale: 40%
Account Miner: 5%

Mining begins after the main network is officially launched.

  • 0.03 VokenTB per block

  • 1% reduction per 1,000,000 blocks

  • Stop rewarding if less than 0.001

Business Fund: 18%

For containers, interfaces, business partners, sales bonus, community awards, etc.