Pricing logic and early opportunities of VOKEN


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But VOKEN is quite different.

What is VOKEN?

VOKEN is the unique token in the Vision Network ecosystem, which uses Proof of Traffic consensus mechanism. It is the native asset on the vnCHAIN.

1 VokenTB = 1000 GB general traffic

VOKEN is the first crypto-currency with clear usage value.

In the underlying code, 1 Voken was defined as the client traffic of 1,000 GBytes, that is: 1 VokenTB = 1,000 GB general traffic.

How much does 1000 GB traffic cost?

包括流量在内,所有类型的资源价格在主流 IDC 服务商都可以清晰查看,他们是明确标价的。

IDC 的服务资源价格

IDC 的服务资源价格

For 1000 GB network traffic, there is a price reference for mature IDC, with Amazon Web Services AWS, for example, priced at about $85 per 100GB traffic and Google Cloud Platform GCP at about $80.


AWS 亚马逊云服务:
GCP 谷歌云服务:

Vision Network 远景网络的 3 个基础原则

Vision Network 远景网络生态系统的 3 个基础原则

  1. 自由、平等、开放、共享是互联网的基础基因,通信安全和隐私保护是用户的基本权力。

  2. 服务产生价值。

  3. 使用者付费,服务者收费,

他们是项目的基础,是非人力可以左右的价值规律,也是我们的信念:如果这 3 条基础原则成立,那么整个项目的价值成立,这是必然,没有任何疑问。