Early-Bird Sale

The VokenTB Early-Bird Sale process operates by a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, with no other privileged access given to any party.

VokenTB Early-Bird Sale Contract is open-sourced under the GNU General Public License v3.0 and can be viewed on the github repository and etherscan.io. It ensures fairness and transparency, using ETH as the only payment medium.

And you can visit the Early-Bird Sale dApp or easily just send ETH to the contract address.

Only 10.5 Million VokenTB for Early-Bird Sale (5% of the total supply)

Service Value & Usage Value ANCHORING

  • 1 VokenTB = 1,000 GB general traffic, solid value base.

  • You can spend 1 VokenTB to exchange 1,000 GB general traffic to use the unblocked accessible Internet, or earn VokenTB by selling/sharing your idle bandwidth.

  • 1,000 GB is worth about $80 - 85 USD in mature IDCs and cloud service platforms, such as

Only 10.5 million VokenTB for this Early-Bird Sale

There are only 10.5 million VokenTB would released during this Early-Bird Sale.

Running by VokenTB Early-Bird Sale Contract on the Ethereum blockchain, to make sure it is clear and free to check at anytime.

Crypto-currency ETH will be used as the only payment medium to complete the Early-bird.

Realtime ETH price

Using ETH as the only payment medium, Ether USD Price Contracts will always provide the realtime price of ETH which is tracking the pair on UniSwap V2.

Incremental sales price: $0.5 - $0.7

Starting at 1 VokenTB = $0.5 USD, until the price reaches $0.7 USD.

The latest price depends on the percentage of sales progress, and you can always find it on the Early-Bird Sale dApp’s home page. The earlier the cheaper, the later the more expensive.

Limited sales

We hope that more users will hold VokenTB, which is more conducive to the entire ecosystem.

Therefore, during the early bird sales phase, there is a purchase amount limit for each address:

Sales progress

Payment limit

< 50%

0.1 - 1.0 ETH

>= 50%

0.1 - 0.5 ETH

Only one purchase per address is allowed.

Additional 1% - 10% bonus if you bind a referral address

If you have a referral address, bind it, then you can get an additional 1% - 10% random bonus (paid in VokenTB).

Vesting plan

Early bird has more advantages compared to the Public-Sale (coming soon). So most of the positions will be released in parallel with the users of the Public-Sale.

  • 10% released instantly

  • 90% released according the process of the Public-Sale

Referral reward: 22%

The VokenTB Early-Bird Sale Contract has a 10-levels referral system that rewards both the referrer and referee when a user reserves VokenTB tokens.

And the referral relationships will always be available, including the Public-Sale (coming soon).

During the Early-Bird Sale, 22% of sales revenue will be used as rewards:


Reward (paid in ETH)










Refer 3 or more ETH



Refer 4 or more ETH



Refer 5 or more ETH



Refer 6 or more ETH



Refer 7 or more ETH



Refer 8 or more ETH



Refer 9 or more ETH

Tell your friends and help them understand the project and the opportunity. By sharing your referral address (VOKEN wallet address), your friend will get an additional 1% - 10% random bonus, and you will earn 10% ETH reward.

  • Paid in ETH, will transfer to your wallet address automatically and immediately, process by VokenTB Early-Bird Sale Contract.

  • The referral relationship chain data will be saved in the voken_tb_contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which cannot be tampered.

  • Anyone who join the Early-Bird Sale (include the Public-Sale (coming soon)) by using your referral address, he will get the additional random bonus, you will get rewarded.