Voken Proxy ClientBase

You can start a Proxy-ClientBase on your desktop or laptop PC now. It would provide a local Socks5 proxy for you, which is based on vnTUNNEL (encrypted).

Guide for Proxy ClientBase on Windows

Prepare JDK, download, unzip, edit configuration file, start.


Please make sure that the JDK has been installed on your computer.

JDK Download

First time to start a ClientBase

  1. Download ClientBase package from github
  2. Unzip it to a new folder
  3. Edit the configuration file config/install.config.yml, with just a text editor such as the NotePad
localPrivateKey: YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY
privateKeyEncrypted: false
localSocksPort: 5678
defaultProxyType: global
  1. Replace the YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with your Private-Key, witch you had generated before
  2. Click the start.bat to run

Open dashboard

Open your browser, and visit http://localhost:8080, you will see it there.

On the left, choose a ProxyContainer and click connect, then a Socks5 proxy on port 5678 is ready.

And also, you can check your balance, or make transactions here.


Please just ignore the LEAN-MODE UI.

You can preview the latest version of UI here on github: https://voken100g.github.io/web-ui-clientbase

It will be applied in a future version.

How to use a Socks5 proxy

Hmmm… you can ask google first.