Voken and distribution plan

Use it, invest it, not hype it

This is also our blockchain technology application value philosophy.

We are building an increasingly mature system, in which Voken – Unique token in the Vision Network ecosystem will be the only measure of value and means of payment in such a sustainable and healthy environment. It is clear that the basic design of 1 Voken = 100GB after ecological maturity will ensure that the price of Voken is not destined to deviate too much from the anchoring of its actual use value. We expect users with real demands to buy Vokens through exchanges or other channels and use it for appropriate network services. Of course, the value logic of Voken is so clear that proper investment is also a good choice.

Total 35 billion, absolute majority amount will be handed over to the users

The team and the early investors held only 25.47% of the total, and most of them are freezed.

74.53% of the Vokens will ultimately be held by users.

Voken Distribution plan

Team fund 12%
  • 100% freezed for 3.5 years.
  • Till 2021.06.30 23:59:59 UTC.
  • Release 10% per 3 months.
Early Investors 12%
  • 100% freezed for 3 years.
  • Till 2020.12.31 23:59:59 UTC.
  • Release 1/30 daily.
Air Drops 2%
For ETH holders and promotion before/during the Voken Public-Sale.
Token Sale 23.5%
For Voken Public-Sale.
Miner 15%
For service nodes’ incentive.
Consumption pool 0.5%
For special user contribution awards and sales promotions, the list of individual or organizational users will be charged to the consumer pool contract account until they are used up.
DAPPs Support Plan 10%
It is used to enrich Vision Network ecology, foster and encourage developers to build more decentralized application services.
Business 25%
For exchange listing, business partners, community awards etc.