Design concept and design principle

Keep gimmick innovation away

Although the fresh definition is indeed easier to catch the eyeballs, but that is not what we want. Innovation-driven development is a complex system engineering. In the Vision Network system solutions and ecosystem, we advocate and encourage innovation that can solve practical problems, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and solve problems.

Mature and secure technical solutions will have a higher priority

In the field of distributed node-to-node networks, encryption and privacy protection and blockchain technology, many predecessors have already completed a lot of meaningful work, some of which have matured technical solutions that have been actually verified and stable in production environment.

For example, the DHT technology, represented by S/Kademlia DHT, has completed many generations of updates, the intranet penetration and node discovery and online / offline updating, the reverse proxy technology, and the distributed file sharing system represented by BitTorrent, the directed acyclic graph DAG, the Merkle tree, the asymmetric encryption and decryption technology represented by RSA / ElGamal / ECC, the virtual private network and proxy technology represented by OpenVPN and Shadowsocks(r), the secure transmission technology represented by SSL/TLS and IPsec, blockchain data structure and so on, these are very precious experience and resources.

With practical as the main purpose, technology should serve industry, concrete application in specific scenes

The Vision Network will prioritize mature and stable technology solutions, appropriate integration and innovation, provide services for practical and concrete applications, and cost-effectively solve specific problems in specific real-life scenes.

Do not pursue the Token price increase

Unrestrained valuation expansion is not the original intention of Voken – Unique token in the Vision Network ecosystem. From the point of view of ecological currency, the value scale is stable, the low cost is convenient to hold, the convenience of circulation and the convenience of payment have more practical significance.