Voken 2.0 Public-Sale (#6-20 season)

The Voken2.0 Public-Sale process operates by a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, with no other priviledged access given to any party.

Voken 2.0 Public-Sale Contract is open-sourced under the GNU General Public License v3.0 and can be viewed on the github repository and etherscan.io.

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Service Value & Usage Value ANCHORING

  • 1 Voken = 100GB client traffic, solid value base.
  • 100GB is worth about $8.00 - 8.50 USD in mature IDCs and cloud service platforms, such as Amazon AWS and Google GCP.
  • You can spend 1 Voken to exchange 100GB traffic to use the unblocked accessible Internet, or earn Voken by selling/sharing your idle bandwidth.

About 17,448 million Voken2.0 for this sale

There are about 17,448 million Voken2.0 would released during #6-20 season.

Running by Voken 2.0 Public-Sale Contract on the Ethereum blockchain, to make sure it is clear and free to check at anytime.

Crypto-currency ETH will be used as the only trading medium to complete the sale.

Dynamic Audit ETH price

Using ETH as the payment medium, we will adjust the Audit ETH price dynamically, according to the latest price in the trading market, in order to ensure that Voken is relatively stable against legal tender at different times during the whole sale phase.

Incremental sales price: $0.03377 - $0.121

Starting at 1 Voken = $0.03377, until the price reaches $0.121.

Total sales are divided into 60,000 stages, each step of $0.00001.

Whenever a stage is finished, the exchange price increases by $0.00001:

Stage Number Sales Volume Exchange Price Sales Amount
3277 100,000 Vokens $0.03377 $100 + $3277 = $3377
3278 100,000 Vokens $0.03378 $100 + $3278 = $3378
3279 100,000 Vokens $0.03379 $100 + $3279 = $3379
7500 100,000 Vokens $0.07600 $100 + $7500 = $7,600
11999 100,000 Vokens $0.12099 $100 + $11,999 = $12,099
12000 100,000 Vokens $0.12100 $100 + $12,000 = $12,100

Limited sales

We hope that more users will hold Voken 2.0, which is more conducive to the entire ecosystem.

Below is the limited sales form for each season:

ETH Max-number of addresses
100 ETH 1 addresses
50 ETH 3 addresses
40 ETH 10 addresses
30 ETH 50 addresses
20 ETH 100 addresses
10 ETH 200 addresses
5 ETH 300 addresses
<= 3 ETH Unlimited

If an max limit is reached, the remaining ETH will be returned to the payment address.

Gift for whitelist

Anyone who participate in the Voken 2.0 Public-Sale (#6-20 season) by using a whitelisted ETH wallet address would enjoy a gift of BUY ONE AND GET ONE MORE FREE.

For example

If you send 20 ETH to the Voken 2.0 Public-Sale Contract at the 7500th stage, and the Audit ETH price goes to $200 USD for example:

  • This 20 ETH will be treated as $200 x20 ETH = $4,000 USD.
  • At the 7500th stage, the exchange price is $0.07600, that is $4000 / $0.07600 = 52,631.578947 Voken2.0.
  • If your address is whitelisted, according to BUY ONE AND GET ONE MORE FREE privilege, you will receive a gift of 52,631.578947 Voken2.0.

Finally, the amount is 52,631.578947 + 52,631.578947 = 105,263.157894 Voken2.0.

Send ETH, and receive Voken2.0




Make sure you have set gas limit to 6,000,000 or more, the rest will be returned automatically.

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How to shorten the reserved time of gift

The gift for whitelist will be reserved in 6 months (180 days).

Both making direct sales (Lv.1) and increasing your holding will take effect:

We assume that the gift amount (of reserved Voken2.0) is m Voken2.0.

  • Making direct sale (Lv.1) for every m Voken2.0, reduced by 1 day.
    Reduced to at least 4 months (120 days).
  • Increasing holding for every m Voken2.0, reduced by 1 months (30 days).
    Reduced to at least 3 months (90 days).