Report: Aug 11th 2019


  • A draft plan for Voken2.0


  • Defined block data structure and Genesis block
  • Defined transaction data structures and wallet data structures
  • Finished the wallet data storage solution
  • Core wallet on Java
  • Short address for wallet on Java
  • Wallet interface
  • Local debug environment for core servers
  • Communication between core servers and clients on Java
  • Defined core server data structure and encoded with Java
  • User information in relational database for core servers
  • Updated dev-tools
  • Binding wallet with core server
  • Binding wallet with service node
  • Connection and heartbeat for core servers
  • Keeping-alive for service node on Java, interact with client on GO
  • Event handling mechanisms on server-side
  • Login, logout, heartbeat, exception handling for C2S
  • HTTP console panel for client
  • Optimized the efficiency of the encryption proxy communication protocol
  • Other improvements

Voken Tracker

  • Voken holders: 22,690
  • Transfers: 470,778

by Voken Tracker


  • Stage: No. 3277
  • Season: No. 6
  • Master Progress:5.46%

by Voken Public-Sale

by Vision.Network Project Team

Aug 11th 2019