VOKEN Proxy ClientBase

You can start a VOKEN Proxy-ClientBase on your desktop or laptop PC now. It would provide a standard local Socks5/HTTP proxy for you, which is based on vnTUNNEL (encrypted).


VOKEN Proxy App for windows v0.11.4

If you do not have the Java JDK installed on your computer, choose one of the following to download:

Java JDK 8 Update 271 (for Windows 64 bit), choose one below:
Java JDK 8 Update 271 (for Windows 32 bit)


  1. Make sure you have the Java JDK installed

  2. Extract the voken-proxy- to a new folder, or run voken-proxy-0.11.4.exe to install

Launch and initialize

Just run the VOKEN Proxy.exe, and follow the prompts to initialize.

initialize0.png initialize1.png


Select a proxy and connect


Click the Proxies, choose a ProxyContainer to connect.

and a HTTP proxy are ready for you. And also, you can check your balance, or make transactions there.

Setting: System Proxy


By setting the system proxy to ON, most of your applications (include your browsers) could use the proxy automatically.

Settings: Proxy type


The default proxy type is GLOBAL, if you want to enable the PAC Mode, just click Only PAC or Except PAC.

PAC configuration file: ./resources/app/backend/pac.xml, for advanced, you can edit it manually.