Global decentralized-community alliance program

VISION is one of the most anticipated multi-tier applications of blockchain infrastructure with practical scenarios.

We set up a generous reward (50 million Voken2.0 budget for phase#1). And we are now officially launching decentralized community filing globally, to help users in the early stage of the project to take the lead, to obtain more significant opportunities.

If you have the resources and capabilities and are willing to participate in the community, please send us an email.

Requirements of community partners

  • Good knowledge in the blockchain field
  • Have resources or familiar with how to run a community
  • strong leadership, charisma, ability to bring together and sustain community
  • Passion, quick thinking, strong language ability, a strong sense of responsibility
  • Recognition of vision and prospects

Community partner duties

  • Build online groups and maintain them continuously
  • Holding offline meetings, individual sessions, etc.
  • Promote Voken 2.0 Public-Sale (#6-20 season)
  • Attend meetings, share VISION and ideas
  • Show views through social networks or the media
  • Others (free play)

Email us

E-mail us your application

To with content:

  • Community name
  • Your name
  • Your country / region
  • Your telegram username
  • Your career & job
  • Your resource
  • Your idea & plan
  • Your suggestion
  • And anything you want to say
  • Your ETH wallet address
Then we will reply
You will get a reply, or we may contact you via Telegram.
Join us, take part in community ecological construction, walk with outstanding people
We are waiting for you.