Chatting group

Rules in chatting group

  1. No political topics
  2. No pornography, drugs, gambling topics
  3. Pay more attention to technology, applications, services, and value
  4. No personal attacks
  5. Thinking and experience sharing are welcome

Text for BOT

For Group Butler

Welcome text


/welcome Hello $name, welcome to VISION

*Gift for you: 100-200 Voken*
💵 💵 💵
1 Voken = 100GB client traffic, per Voken is worth about $8 in mature IDCs and cloud service providers, such as AWS and GCP.
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Simplified Chinese:

/welcome 欢迎 $name 来到 VISION 中文社区

*入群礼 100-200 Voken*
💵 💵 💵
1 Voken = 100GB 客户端流量,在主流机房和云服务商(如:亚马逊云 AWS、谷歌云 GCP 等),100GB 的加速流量资源价值 $8 美金左右。
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