Voken 2.0

Dear holders, technical geeks, community members, supporters, hello to everyone!

Since the Voken public-sale, the Vision Network project has received much attention. Under the multi-dimensional and wide-ranging awareness, the Vision Network has won the favor of a group of holders with vision. They not only bought VOKEN but also sent emails to provide advices on community governance and ecological construction.

At the same time, more and more members have joined the volunteer work of the VOKEN community. They have done a lot of experimental, exploratory, and far-sighted practical work, which has provided an excellent imperative for the whole ecological construction.

There are also technical geeks from all over the world. Statistics show that since the release of the VISION CONNECT (Alpha) on July 1st, 2019, we have received collaborative requests from technical geeks from 7 countries around the world.

At present, the Vision Network has more than 30 stable test nodes all over the world, which provides a fundamental basis for the smooth use and in-depth development of the network in the future. We are also happy to see the massive users and activity data: more than 2,600 users have entree to the test-net, averaging 1.9 hours per day. Our github.com code repository received 138 stars. In the current situation where the vnCHAIN is under development, it is beneficial to have such data for everyone.

We want to thank all Vision Network participants and VOKEN holders. The contribution of Vision Network Ecology is inseparable from the input of every member, thank you, everyone!

As we all know, since the public sale, we have encountered some unforeseen troubles. The most challenging thing is that the centralized exchanges forced the listing of the VOKEN. It not only interrupted our sales plan but also brought some holders in the loss of interest. Our original plan was to announce the exchange whitelist plan after the 10th season and start the trading market in an orderly manner. Why should we start the trading plan at a particular stage, to maximize the protection of the holder’s profits! However, due to the open-source feature of VOKEN, many exchanges forcibly meddled the ecology, without approved. They also disrupted the market price, which has brought many troubles to the public-sale and community foundation.

A project without value never gets noticed, and many exchanges have seen the value of the Vision Network project, which is an excellent performance for the industry. In the prior time, some exchanges have also used their traffic to drive, which is worth affirming. However, according to our observations, some unknown exchanges produced a large amount of fake VOKEN and data. That is not consistent with the actual circumstance of the market, because some people want to create panic to gain personal benefit. It also confirms our speculation, but at that time, we did not have rather data, and it is not advisable to make arbitrary conclusions by guessing. That is why we made a global announcement, rejected some of the community members’ requests for us to manipulate the market to drive prices. Therefore, we lost some supporters who thought we were not following the advice. However, the real situation is that we don’t want all the participants to run hard, but only the exchanges get the benefits. No matter who plays in the market price manipulation, the profiteering party can only be the exchange, not the holders of VOKEN.

In the past two months, we have continued to maintain the healthy development of the work, while also trying to find effective strategies to help public-sale and protect the interests of the holders. Here we would like to thank the many community members, including the V5 team, who provided valuable feedback and suggestions from multiple perspectives.

We know something: our team is good at technology, but not good at bragging and marketing. What is certain is that the business design of the Vision Network is not a cash game, but based on real needs, rigid demand, and in line with the fundamental laws of business. We believe that we can reach these steadily, which is the source of confidence for our project team.

A large-scale, healthy, and ecological creation and growth must take a certain amount of time, which requires the efforts of many people. VOKEN’s early low-price sales reserved plenty of profit room for subsequent growth, which should be shared by all eco-participants. Moreover, the current number of users is not enough. In the past, we have seen many holders impulsively selling; they did not understand the project in-depth and were also affected by panic. There are also many factors (includes the exchanges) that combine to form the current situation.

We believe in rigid demand and a solid technical foundation. Ecological growth is only a matter of time.

Based on long-term, multi-perspective careful considerations, we have a serial of crucial strategies for the entire ecological construction and common interests of the Vision Network. We hope that all community members can support and cooperate to promote the steady realization of ecological values. Thus, to ensure that all holders become the ultimate winner of this ecology.

Voken2.0 Main Contract Upgrade

By Voken 2.0 Main Contract, the new symbol is Voken2.0, and every holder should follow the Voken 2.0 migration guide.

Here are some significant features of Voken2.0:

Supports flexible rules for FREEZING:
Flexible rules by external contracts.
Supports BURNING:
Supports burning with a Burn event and also reduces the TOTAL SUPPLY CAP LIMIT.
Supports SAFE-MODE:
Transfers from non-whitelisted addresses are restricted when the amount number of Voken2.0 holders is insufficient to form a healthy ecological foundation. That is a SAFE-MODE for Voken2.0.
When Burning-mode is on, 1% will be burned for every transaction of Voken2.0.
Optimized whitelist rules:
By transferring 1,001 Voken2.0 to a whitelisted address, will sign-up for whitelist and get 1 Voken2.0 refund as a success signal automatically.
Whitelist migration:
A total of 6736 whitelist migrations have been completed before the #8404486 block (2019-08-23 04:48:51 UTC).

Voken 2.0 Migration Program & Guide

All Voken holders should follow Voken 2.0 migration guide to finish the migration before 2019-09-07 23:59:59 UTC. Convert your Voken to Voken2.0.

Once your Voken is migrated to Voken2.0, you will automatically become a Voken SHAREHOLDER, have a 30% annual interest rate, and enjoy the #6-20 season sales dividend according to Voken 2.0 shareholders program.

Voken 2.0 Shareholders Program

More than $14,885,025.49 is about to be paid as a dividend, settled with ETH, control by Voken 2.0 Shareholders Contract on Ethereum.

You can read Voken 2.0 shareholders program for more details, and there is a dividend table.

Voken 2.0 Public-sale Program

  • #6 - 20 season
  • #3277 - 12000 stage
  • $0.03377 - $0.12100 USD

More details: Voken 2.0 Public-Sale (#6-20 season)

Voken 2.0 Community Alliance Program