What you need to know as an investor

  1. You need to have a certain understanding in the blockchain field, and 1 year experience for crypto-currency investment at least.

  2. If you don’t have any experience in crypto-currency investment, please read the whitepaper more than 2 times.

  3. Currently, our project team is still anonymous (we have the right to choose this), such as Bitcoin, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. However, the contract code of the project is open-source verified already, the data is transparent in the blockchain which everyone can check it.

  4. Do the trading process yourself, don’t look for someone else to do it, and make sure your wallet is safe, especially your private key.

  5. We will promptly publish project information on Documentations, Telegram News Channel, Telegram Group, etc. Do not believe in the information disseminated by other non-official channels.

  6. Our project team will work as planned and make it available to the community. When necessary, our team will adjust some of the work plans and adopt suggestions from the community members, but the project team always has the right to advance the progress and ensure it orderly.

  7. In order to allow more enthusiasts to participate in community organization and work, we have launched a whitelist system for those who want to participate in this program. We have set up a generous sales rewards in the public-sale plan. Read referral_program for more information.

  8. VokenTB will list on DEX for trading when the Early-Bird Sale progress reaches near 30%.

  9. We welcome more people to join and build the community. If you have good suggestions or cooperation intentions, please send us an email: lyman@voken.io.

  10. Thank you for your support of VOKEN, let us build a decentralized, free, open and safe Internet.

by Vision.Network Project Team