How to use AutoSSR on iOS?

Subscribe AutoSSR: FREE ShadowsocksR in Shadowrocket on iOS.

Install in App Store

Search and install Shadowrocket in App Store:


Open it:


Add AutoSSR Subscribe

Click the add sign in the top right corner to add subscribe:


Change the type to Subscribe:

add.png type.png

Fill the URL blank, with one of the links of AutoSSR: FREE ShadowsocksR, the stable and online is recommended, we choose the stable one here:

// copy this

At the same time, you can give it a name in the Remark blank, then press Done:


You can see the servers in the list now, make a Pint Test and choose the fastest one, then turn on the switch.


It is connected now.


How to choose and use rules

A suitable rule configuration can help you optimize routing paths, increase speed and save traffic. If you want this feature, there is a wonderful repository lhie1/Rules. Great thanks to lhie1.

To enable the rules, follow the steps below:

Make sure the Global Routing is set to Config:

routing.png routing_config.png

Then go to the Config page, press the add sign:


For Shadowrocket, this remote file:

is recommended, it is provided in lhie1/Rules.

Paste the URL and press Download:


Now you can see it, press and choose Use Config:

config_list.png config_use.png

OKay, there is a Shadowrocket.conf in the LOCAL FILES already, and it is in use.


How to use a certificate

With the help of rules and using a certificate generated by Shadowrocket, you can be free from the annoyance of most ads while browsing.

To the Setting page, get in the Certificate item:


Generate a New Certificate:


Press Install CA Certificate to System,


Safari will lead you to the system settings,


Install it:

setting_ca.png ca_install.png

Press Done and back to Shadowrocket:

ca_installed.png safari_back.png ca_done.png

It is ready for working, now. Connect and enjoy!