ETH wallet: MetaMask on PC


MetaMask [1] is a browser-extension for Google Chrome [2], FireFox [3] and Opera [4], which can help you interact with Ethereum blockchain.


With Google Chrome browser

logo_chrome + logo_metamask

  1. Download and install Google Chrome browser
  2. Search and install MetaMask extension

If you can not visit Google, Firefox is PLAN B.

With FireFox browser

logo_firefox + logo_metamask

  1. Download and install FireFox browser
  2. Search and install MetaMask extension

Create a new wallet

If this is your first time using MetaMask [1], you need to create a new wallet as shown below.

Never disclose your backup phrase.
Anyone with the phrases can take all your ETH and Tokens forever.

Write them down ON THE PAPER is recommended.

From a security point of view, even if you save plain text on your computer or mobile phone, it is not guaranteed to be safe.

So, write them down on the paper, and keep it safe.

With these phrases, you can restore this wallet or reset the password via MetaMask [1].


How to import another wallet?

If you need to import another wallet into MetaMask, you can use the private key.

Also, for security reasons, enter it, do not paste.


Show Voken balance of your wallet

Copy the address of Voken Main Contract (Deprecated in Aug 2019), it is 0x82070415FEe803f94Ce5617Be1878503e58F0a6a, and use Add Token.


Interact with Ethereum Contract

Here is a example:

[1](1, 2, 3) MetaMask
[2]Google Chrome