How to join the whitelist


Set gas limit to 600,000 or more, the rest will be returned automatically.

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FAQ about whitelist

How can I check whether a wallet address is whitelisted, and its referral count?

Contract => Read Contract:

Function #1: queryAccount


Enter an ETH wallet address, and press Query, then:


Let’s focus on the returned values:

whitelisted               bool :     true
whitelistReferralsCount   uint256 :  25
balance                   uint256 :  118448326
reserved                  uint256 :  59224163


If it returns true, means the address is already whitelisted, false means no.
The quantity of direct referrals.
Balance of Voken2.0, with 6 decimals. 118448326 means 118.448326 Voken2.0.
Reserved balance of Voken2.0, with 6 decimals. 59224163 means 59.224163 Voken2.0.
Where could I buy some Voken2.0?

There may be these ways:

After my address was whitelisted, what will happen if I send 1,001.0 Voken2.0 to my friend or others?
Just like normal transfer, whitelist registration couldn’t be trigger twice.