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Our Philosophy: Yearning for freedom

We are reconstructing the transport layer of the Internet, we are re-defining the Internet. Each user and each terminal is no longer just the bottom layer of the food chain, but should be the provider and co-builder of the Internet and services.

The Vision Network is a set of infrastructure for building a decentralized Internet. It is a distributed extensible virtual network, based on the physical network layer and the ISP network layer.

Vision Network uses blockchain technology, distributed networks and asymmetric encryption, provides distributed services such as Auto-Proxy, multi-layer anonymous network, IM, non-polluted DNS, even CDN and DDoS defense, etc.

The VOKEN – Unique token in the Vision Network ecosystem with stable value scale will be used in the entire ecology and produce an incentive effect. Everyone can participate in distributed network construction. We believe the Vision Network will make the future Internet more open, more equal, more stable, more efficient, safer and freer.

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As the development work progressed, we optimized the technical architecture and many details.

The whitepaper is subject to re-editing soon.

Whitepaper v1.3.0