Voken Main Contract Upgraded

The old VNET contract 0x3F1...2F5 was deprecated, snapshot at 2019-04-15 00:00:00 UTC, the historical balance data was migrated by Voken Migration Contract.

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View on Etherscan.io:

The new token symbol named Voken

Displayed in various wallet software such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, imToken, etherscan.io and Ethereum blockchain browsers.

Usage Value ANCHORING had not been changed

1 Voken corresponds to the use value of 100G client traffic in the Vision.Network ecosystem.

New contract was fully optimized

Benefiting from the new features brought by the two upgrades of Constantinople and Constantinople/St. Petersburg on Ethereum, the efficiency of the new contract has been greatly improved.

The Ethereum miner’s fee is greatly reduced for Voken transfer, up to 30.19%.

Ready for Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED) whitelist registration

By sending 1,001 Vokens to a whitelisted address, your ETH wallet address will be automatically registered, and you can enjoy a buy one and get one more free privilege during the Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED). The contract will automatically save the referral relationship chain and settle the rewards in real time, according to Voken 2.0 Referral Program.

How to register Voken Public-Sale whitelist?

Whitelist qualification transfer is supported

Whitelist qualification transfer is supported

Without any application and approval process, just call the contract function transferWhitelist(address account) directly, the contract will processes automatically and immediately.