How to participate in Voken Public-Sale?

Join the whitelist

Why should I join the whitelist?

  • Using a whitelisted ETH wallet address would enjoy a gift of BUY ONE AND GET ONE MORE FREE during the Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED).
  • By sharing your whitelisted ETH wallet address, you will earn ETH and Vokens.

How can I join the whitelist?

Use your own ETH wallet, send 1,001 Vokens to the address which is whitelisted already, and your wallet address will be successfully registered.

Get Vokens you need

Send 1 ETH to contract which address is 0x71d6A2e473e92d63a676B363d1e0FDe4675349Fe, you will receive exactly 1,002.0 Vokens and all the unused ETH automatically.

More details: Get 1,002.0 Vokens Contract


Set gas limit greater than 300,000, the rest will be returned automatically.

Send 1,001 Vokens to register

Send 1,001 Vokens to an address which is whitelisted.

Ask your friends for a whitelisted address, according to Voken 2.0 Referral Program, your friends will receive some whitelist registration rewards. Or you can also find one in the Telegram Group.

More details: How to register Voken Public-Sale whitelist?

Buy Voken using ETH


If you do not have ETH yet, the exchanges can help.



Use your own ETH wallet, send ETH to the Voken Public-Sale contract address above, you will receive Vokens automatically.

Send ETH to Voken Public-Sale contract

  1. Use your own ETH Wallet, chose Send ETH.
  2. To address: 0xAC873993E43A5AF7B39aB4A5a50ce1FbDb7191D3.
  3. ETH amount: Greater than 10 ETH would receive extra rewards.
  4. Set Gas Limit > 3,000,000, upper limit is 8,000,000. If the transaction interrupted with out of gas, all the unused ETH will return automatically.
  5. Set Gas Price, if you want transaction speed up, you could choose higher price, or leave it as default.
  6. Send the transaction.
  7. Waiting for Ethereum blockchain to confirm.
  8. Receive Vokens.


Since one single transaction may span stages or even seasons, the prices of the stages may be different.