How to register Voken Public-Sale whitelist?


Set gas limit to 600,000, the rest will be returned automatically.

FAQ about whitelist registration

How can I check whether a wallet address is whitelisted or not and its referral count?
Read Contract via

Read Contract - 14. inWhitelist:

Enter an address and press Query, if it returns true, means the address is already in Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED) whitelist, otherwise, no.

Read Contract - 15. refCount:

Enter an address and press Query, it will return the result.

Where could I buy some Voken?

There may be these ways:

After my address was whitelisted, what will happen if I send 1001.0 Voken to my friend or others?
Just like normal transfer, Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED) whitelist registration couldn’t be trigger twice.
Can I transfer my whitelist qualification to another?

Follow this: Whitelist qualification transfer is supported

Without any application and approval process, just call the contract function transferWhitelist(address account) directly, the contract will processes automatically and immediately.