How to set gas limit and gas price?

It is quite simple and easy.

Gas limit


Gas is metering and fuel for using the Ethereum. Gas limit is the maximum number of gas used to manually set up an Ethereum transaction.

In most contract transactions related to Vision Network, we recommend setting gas limit to 6,500,000 uniformly. Gas will not be wasted, the actual miner fee will only be calculated on demand, and the remaining portion will be automatically returned to the wallet balance.

There is an article here Ethereum, Gas, Fuel & Fees. (English, by Joseph Chow), that can be used as an extended reading material.

Gas price

Gas price is the price of gas, its unit is gwei.

Generally speaking, the higher the price is set, the faster the Ethereum miners will process your transaction. But reasonable settings can avoid unnecessary waste without having to grab time.

There is a website ETH Gas Station you should know, you can read the current Gas price easily.