V5 Community Union

The only cooperation party for sales and community.

Scope of cooperation

  1. Promote the implementation of the Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED) and find qualified investors.
  2. Build a community, serve the community, build the culture.
  3. Culture promotion and value guidance.
  4. Maintain and manage the community and promote public opinion that is conducive to the whole ecology.
  5. Others are related to sales, including but not limited to sales, promotion, media, emergency handling and other collaborative work.

Duties of V5

  1. Find qualified investors.
  2. Warn risks, guide investors to read What you need to know as an investor.
  3. No inducible propaganda.
  4. Promising a certain return on investment is not allowed.
  5. Do not forward or create information from unknown sources, and do not mislead the community and investors.
  6. Important promotional notices must be reported to the project team for approval before they are released.
  7. Regularly participate in the online meetings via Telegram of the core leadership members of the two parties on time (the time agreed by both parties) to facilitate the communication and sharing of project information, so as to help smooth the work.
Others that are not expressly stated here, as the project is carried out, will be determined after consultation between the two parties.

Contacts of V5

Email: v5clubvip@126.com


by Vision.Network Project Team