Get 1,002.0 Vokens Contract

Release 1,002.0 Vokens to a new account, limited. It is convenient to use a small amount of ETH for 1,002.0 Voken to register whitelist. Executed at the Voken real-time price of Voken Public-Sale (STOPPED).

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How to get 1,002.0 Vokens by sending ETH?



Brief guide

Send 1 ETH to contract address above, you will receive exactly 1,002.0 Vokens and all the unused ETH automatically.


Set gas limit to 300,000, the rest will be returned automatically.

To use this contract, you must meet these two conditions

  • The address is new for Voken
    (Voken balance is 0, and is not in the whitelist)
  • Asset verification
    You will need to send the transaction in a total amount greater than 1 ETH, (and all unused ETHs will be automatically refunded by the contract, in the very same transaction).

Transactions that do not meet the conditions will be automatically reverted by the contract.